Lomanco® ventilation turbines for sloping roofs with profiled roofing can also be purchased in advantageous sets. The set always contains the Lomanco® BIB 12 or BIB 14 ventilation turbine and the corresponding universal base. Sets are only available in color versions where the color of the Lomanco® ventilation turbine always matches that of the universal base (it is not possible to combine it with a colorless turbine or different colors with each other).


Sets for Lomanco BIB 12 ventilation turbine

  Hue RAL Name
RAL 8005

Set BIB 12 red + base universal

RAL 8017 Set BIB 12 brown + base universal
RAL 9005 Set BIB 12 black + base universal

Sets for Lomanco BIB 14 ventilation turbine 

  Hue RAL Name
RAL 8017 Set BIB 14 brown + base universal
RAL 9005 Set BIB 14 black + base universal