ENERGOThe new Lomanco® ENERGO, Lomanco® ENERGO EVL and Lomanco® ENERGO EKO ventilation system retains the original Lomanco® system, which is the ventilation of roofs, roofs cladding, lofts and interiors, and can now guarantee minimal performance requested by the user. The ventilation system is no longer dependent on only one source of energy for ventilation, wind power, but can also be powered by electricity or even by sunlight.

Lomanco® ENERGO and Lomanco® ENERGO EKO consist of a Lomanco® BIB14 ventilation turbine complete with a control unit and a gearbox engine to provide the necessary turbine rotation in adverse weather conditions. The auxiliary motor has overload protection and a slow start, so it is not damaged by frequent switching. Lomanco® ENERGO EKO is additionally equipped with a photovoltaic panel and accumulator. Thus, the Lomanco® ENERGO EKO system can function as an island system or the turbine can be rotated by wind, solar or power supply as needed.

Lomanco® ENERGO EVL consists of a Lomanco® BEB14 ventilation turbine (turbines with increased resistance and highest performance) complete with a control unit and an auxiliary fan that can assist with rotation of the turbine under adverse weather conditions. Lomanco® ENERGO EVL is available with EVL 1400, 3410 and 3135-3F fans.

What happens if there is a lack of wind power?

In the case of wind turbine power shortages, the Lomanco® ENERGO EVL, Lomanco® ENERGO or Lomanco® ENERGO EKO control unit evaluates the decrease in wind power and selects an electric motor for turbine drive.

In this case, the system will be powered:

  • Lomanco® ENERGO and Lomanco® ENERGO EVL in this case will power the electricity from the network.
  • In this case, Lomanco® ENERGO EKO can even work as a so-called island system, independently of an external power supplier. The Lomanco® ENERGO EKO system is connected to a backup battery powered by a photovoltaic panel. In the case of no wind, the motor will power the photovoltaic panel via the battery. Conversely, in the case of sufficient wind power, the photovoltaic panel will recharge the battery. 

The system is very variable, it can be assembled exactly to meet your ideas.

  • If you wish to control performance, you can use the variable gearbox to guarantee the exact minimum system speed below which the turbine rotation may not be lowered.
  • If you want to ventilate depending on the temperature, install a temperature sensor to ensure that the temperature is exactly the way you want it.
  • If you want to vaporize in dependence on humidity, install a humidity sensor that will provide you with the humidity of the ventilated space exactly as you want.
  • Do you want to watch the minimum power of the turbine? Then install a speed sensor that will guarantee a precisely set minimum head performance even if the weather conditions are not suitable.
  • Do you want the system to be installed anywhere without being connected to the electrical network? Then use Lomanco® ENERGO EKO with a photovoltaic panel to bring you independence. The turbine will not have to be connected to an electric cable, so you can install a turbine anywhere, even where there is no electrical connection.
  • Do you want to ventilate without costs? Then use the new Lomanco® ENERGO EKO system. You will vent with guaranteed power, not paying for electricity.

The Lomanco® ENERGO and Lomanco® ENERGO EKO drive system is fitted with a one-way bearing (free clutch) to ensure that the engine and gearbox do not get damaged in the event of strong wind.

To make Lomanco® ENERGO EKO independent, a new generation of photovoltaic panels is used to power 15W of the engine. This photovoltaic panel ensures high-quality recharging of the spare battery and the entire system. The photovoltaic panel is of compact size, therefore it will not interfere with the roof or any other place. The battery used in Lomanco® ENERGO EKO has high capacity and durability. Another advantage is the extreme resistance to temperature fluctuations.


Name/Art. number

Ventilator parameters

ENERGO + BIB 14/1,48

Voltage 12V, Max Consumption 19W, Current Consumption 4W, Max Head Power 1156m3 / h, Maximum Vacuum 54Pa

ENERGO EKO + BIB 14/1,49

Voltage 12V, Max Consumption 19W, Current Consumption 4W, Max Head Power 1156m3 / h, Maximum Vacuum 54Pa

ENERGO EVL 1400 + BEB 14/1,30

Voltage 230V, 50/60Hz, Consumption 35W, 1400m³/h

EVL 3410

ENERGO EVL 3410 + BEB 14/1,35

Volatage 230V, 50/60Hz, Consumption 35W, 3410m³/h

ENERGO EVL 3135-3F + BEB 14/100,38 Voltage 400V, 50/60Hz
ENERGO SET 2xTEB14 + R14 + EVL 1400 + Z14/100,57 Volatge 230V, 50/60Hz, Consumption 35W, 1400m³/h
ENERGO SET 2xTEB14 + R14 + EVL 3410 + Z14/100,58 Volatage 230V, 50/60Hz, Consumption 35W, 3410m³/h
ENERGO SET 2xTEB14 + R14 + EVL 3135-3F + Z14/100,53 Volatage 400V, 50/60Hz