The LOMANCO® Ventilation Turbine ensures a continuous air rinse of the roof cladding. The LOMANCO® ventilation turbines drain undesirable moisture from the roof cladding, which significantly prolongs its service life.

LOMANCO® ventilation turbines save electricity because they do not need any electricity for their operation. They use the cheapest energy source - a natural wind that is completely free and is inexhaustible!

In the summer, the LOMANCO® ventilation turbines drain overheated air from the roof cladding and significantly reduce the thermal load of the entire building. At home with air conditioning, they take heat, relieving the load on the air conditioning and significantly saving large sums of money.

Ventilation turbines Lomanco®

LOMANCO® continuously ventilates interiors, production and storage areas, production halls, and diverse agricultural objects such as cows, horse stables, etc. Regular air exchange is indispensable for quality life.

Ventilation of panel houses with ventilation turbine LOMANCO®

Each panel house must have a well-ventilated bathroom, toilet and kitchen ventilation system. The ventilation can be done through a ventilation shaft where Lomanco® ventilation turbines are located at the outlet. Lomanco ventilation turbines replace an electric fan that is noisy and can often be broken. In the ventilation system, we recommend combining Lomanco® ventilation turbines and fans. To regulate ventilation by means of a ventilation turbine, it is advisable to use the control grilles at the outlets in the apartment. For the purpose of venting the shafts of prefabricated houses, it is only appropriate to use the largest and most powerful Lomanco ventilation turbine type Lomanco® BIB 14 (BEB 14) or Lomanco® ventilation head type Lomanco® TIB 14 (TEB 14) !!! Ventilation turbines and ventilation heads of other types and diameters do not reach the required parameters and do not meet the requirements for ventilation!

Ventilation of roof cladding and LOMANCO® ventilation turbine

Each roof requires a good air rinse. Moist air resulting from unfavorable weather conditions must not settle and condense in the roof system. The Lomanco® Ventilation Turbine ensures active, continuous and permanent ventilation. The Lomanco® Ventilation Turbine is either used preventively or even in the event of a problem, but it may be too late. Above all, sheet metal roofs suffer from condensation. And the Lomanco® ventilation turbine can be their ideal solution.

Ventilation of building interiors using the LOMANCO® ventilation turbine

The Lomanco® ventilation turbines ventilate the ground, storage, production, cellar and other areas. The control valve can be operated manually or by a servomotor to control the exhaust ventilation turbine.

Operating costs with the Lomanco® ventilation turbine system:

maintenance-free operation of the Lomanco® ventilation turbine without the need for electric power, 90% reduction in costs when using individual fans.