Universal bases

The universal bases facilitate the installation of turbines directly into the roofing tiles (Bramac, Tondach, KM Beta, Besk, etc.) or in the roof-covering sheet metal tiles. Bases are, of course,  in the very similar colors as roofing (brick red, brown and black). Bases are intended only for Lomanco® BIB 12 ventilation turbines, Lomanco® BIB14 ventilation turbines and BEB 14 ventilation turbines (not for TIB / TEB / IB and VP8).

Color Name Designation Art. number
Universal base red for BIB 12 BIB 12 1,65
Universal base brown for BIB 12 BIB 12 1,66
Universal base black for BIB 12 BIB 12 1,67
Universal base red for BIB 14 BIB 14 1,60
Universal base brown for BIB 14 BIB 14 1,61
Universal base black for BIB 14 BIB 14 1,62

Purpose: By using the base, you will achieve perfect installation with great time savings. And as we know, time is now very expensive ...

Bases for extension parts and splitters

The bases for the extension pipes and splitters are designed for the installation of an extension pipe of all diameters, lengths and openings into unprofilled coverings. Bases are available in galvanized steel. Bases are not profiled, not designed for sloping roof and profiled roofing.

  Name Designation Art. number
Z8 VP 8/P 12-50/100 1,81
Z12 BIB 12/P 12-50/100 1,82
Z14 BIB 14/P 14-50/100/R 14 1,83

Permeable cuffs

The permeable cuffs are designed to be used primarily for sheet metal moldings. The cuffs ensure watertightness for many years, even in very complicated roof cladding.

Purpose: The cuffs allow professional installation in profiled roofing, especially sheet metal, but also others.

  Name Designation Art. number
DFE 106B VP 8/P12-50/100 1,72
DFE 107B BIB 12/P12-50/100 1,73
DFE 109B BIB/BEB 14/P14-50/100/R 14 1,74


For some ventilation cases is necessary to use for one air outlet two turbines. This is most often the case where two ventilation shafts are located in one collecting chamber or where it is necessary to increase the overall exhaust ventilation output. The 2-piece Lomanco® TIB 14 ventilation head or the Lomanco® TEB 14 ventilation head are mounted on the splitter. The splitter is supplied in galvanized sheet metal. It is recommended to use extension bases for seating.


Purpouse: Duplication of the head will provide more power.

  Name Designation Art. number
R14 TIB 14 1,43

Extension duct

Extension duct is used when the Lomanco® ventilation turbine need to be positioned above the roof area level. We deliver two lengths of extension 50 and 100 cm for all diameters of heads. The parts are supplied with galvanized steel.





  Name Designation Art. number
P8-50 P8/VP 8/P12-50/100 1,75
P12-50 P12/BIB 12/P12-50/100 1,77
P14-50 P14/BIB 14/P14-50/100/R 14 1,79
P8-100 P8/VP 8/P12-50/100 1,76
P12-100 P12/BIB 12/P12-50/100 1,78
P14-100 P14/BIB 14/P14-50/100/R 14 1,80

Control flaps

The control flaps are supllied as electromechanically (servo actuator), manually or mechanically controlled. Switching can also be on the remote control.

The flaps are available in galvanized steel.

Purpose: They regulate the amount of exhaust air directly under the turbine. This is the indirect control of the turbine, the air outlet is restricted (the flap can be in the open / closed position).

Tip: The flaps are often supplied to the production plant, where it is particularly advisable to reduce the heat losses during the winter in the heated areas and where the demand for maximum overheating is required at the same time in summer.

  Name Designation Art. number
K8 mechanical. P8/VP 8/P12-50/100 1,54
K12 mechanical. P12/BIB 12/P12-50/100 1,55
K14 mechanical. P14/BIB 14/P14-50/100/R 14 1,56
K8 electromechanical. P8/VP 8/P12-50/100 1,38
K12 electromechanical. P12/BIB 12/P12-50/100 1,39
K14 electromechanical. P14/BIB 14/P14-50/100/R 14 1,40