Ventilation of roof cladding and LOMANCO® ventilation turbine

Each roof requires a good air rinse. Moist air resulting from unfavorable weather conditions must not settle and condense in the roof system. Lomanco® ventilation turbines provide active, continuous and permanent ventilation. Lomanco® Ventilation Turbines are either used preventively or when there are problems when it may be too late. Above all, sheet metal roofs suffer from condensation. And the Lomanco® ventilation turbine can be a solution to condensation problems.

Ventilation of panel houses with ventilation turbine LOMANCO®

Each panel house must have a well-ventilated bathroom, toilet and kitchen ventilation system. The ventilation can be done through a ventilation shaft where Lomanco® ventilation turbines are located at the outlet. Lomanco® ventilation turbines replace an electric fan that is noisy and often broken. In the ventilation system, we recommend combining Lomanco® ventilation turbines and fans. To regulate ventilation by means of a ventilation turbine, it is advisable to use the control grilles at the outlets in the apartment. For the ventilation of panel house shafts, it is only suitable to use the Lomanco®  type LOMANCO® BIB / BEB 14 and the LOMANCO® type LOMANCO® TIB / TEB 14 ventilation head. Ventilation turbines and ventilation heads of other types do not reach the required parameters and do not meet the requirements for ventilation!

Ventilation of building interiors using the LOMANCO® ventilation turbine

The Lomanco® ventilation turbines effectively ventilate the ground, storage, production, cellar and other areas. The Lomanco® ventilation turbine can be controled by manually operated control valve or servomotor.

The Lomanco® BIB 12 and Lomanco® BIB 14 ventilation tubes are a complete product designation (head, adjustable neck and base for unprofilled coverings). The number next to "BIB" then indicates the neck diameter of the given turbine in inches.


Lomanco® BIB 8 ventilation turbine, color design, RAL designation and order number

BIB 8  Color Hue RAL Art. number
colorless - 1,26

Lomanco® BIB 12 ventilation turbine, color design, RAL designation and order number

BIB 12  Color Hue RAL Art. number
colorless - 1,00
white RAL 9010 1,03
brown RAL 8017 1,01
black RAL 9005 1,02
red RAL 8004 1,04

Lomanco® BIB 14 ventilation turbine, color design, RAL designation and order number

BIB 14  Color Hue RAL Art. number
colorless - 1,10
white RAL 9010 1,13
brown RAL 8017 1,11
black RAL 9005 1,12
khaki RAL 6022 1,09

The Lomanco® Ventilation Turbines are unrivaled in their proven life-span (development since 1946) and are also highly resistant to the destructive test by faithfully simulating wind gusts on the roof in comparison to turbines on the world market.

In case of extreme weather conditions where a strong wind load is assumed to be high, the Lomanco® BEB14 ventilation turbine or the Lomanco® TEB14 ventilation turbine is designed to withstand wind strength up to 240 km / h. Conventional Lomanco® BIB14 ventilation turbines are certified for speed of wind 195 km / h.

LOMANCO® has tested various turbine materials over time and, as the most advantageous in terms of performance and service life, LOMANCO® aluminum heads (anodised aluminum alloy with increased durability) and a galvanized version (Lomanco® GT 12 ventilation turbine) with a lower life expectancy! The manufacturer's other materials are not used and recommended!

Lomanco® BIB 12, BIB 14 and BIB 8 ventilation turbine dimensions table

Dimensions mm A B C D
BIB 12 305 195 250 440
BIB 14 356 255 270 460
BIB 8  203 107 - 320
Dimensions mm E F G H I
BIB 12 510 100 300 278 25
BIB 14 560 100 350 335 30
BIB 8 400 - - - -
Dimensions mm J K L angle
BIB 12 - - - 0-45º
BIB 14 - - - 0-45º
BIB 8 195 203 360 0-27º


The performance parameters of Lomanco® BIB 12 and BIB 14 turbines

Type/ Speed of wind BIB 8 BIB 12 BIB 14
8 km/h 165 m³/h 590 m³/h 710 m³/h
13 km/h 295 m³/h 930 m³/h 1200 m³/h
24 km/h 565 m³/h 1750 m³/h 2250 m³/h
The Lomanco® turbine performance has been obtained through accredited measurement at an independent engineering institute in the US, according to the latest research and testing procedures!

Recommended indoor air change

Air exchange in 1 hour
Living rooms, offices 2 - 3x
Storage halls 2 - 10x
Industrial plants medium demanding 8 - 10x

To ensure good air circulation, it is necessary to ensure sufficient air supply to the ventilated space. The rule is that the suction opening must be at least as large as the drain hole under the turbine (turbine diameter). If multiple turbines are used, the suction hole must be the sum of the area of all turbines!

Number of Lomanco® ventilation turbines for ventilation of the roof cladding

Vented area BIB 12 BIB 14
0 - 90 m² 2 2
90 -140 m² 2 2
140 - 185 m² 3 2
185 - 230  4 3
230 - 275  4 3


Upon request, we deliver accurate CAD drawings for easy drawing in buildings.